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  1. 2ndRateMind

    What a lucky man.

    No, I'm still trying to get DD103 done as part of a degree in PPE. So I'm not so far advanced as you, through I have read around some philosophy, trying to get an overview of the subject. Best wishes, 2RM.
  2. 2ndRateMind

    What a lucky man.

    Not sure. I've deferred my course for this year. It seemed sensible. Anyway, I look forward to discussing more philosophy with you, later on. Best wishes, Rob.
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    Hello :)

    Welcome, Heather. Best wishes, 2RM.
  4. 2ndRateMind

    What a lucky man.

    And in such arbitrary ways, enlightenment spreads her angelic wings over us all, at some point in our lives. Best wishes, Rob.
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    Jenna Kutcher, Goal Digger Podcast beyond brainwashing, self-love, white privileged

    I am not sure what the strictly philosophical point you are making might be? Perhaps you might like to precis your submission to make this clearer, Jessica. In addition, you might like to consider the use of paragraphs, such that each one makes and justifies some particular point in the...
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    Whats everyone reading now

    I'm reading DD103 at the moment, as a first step towards a BA PPE degree, and it doesn't leave much time for much else. Best wishes, 2RM.
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    Somewhat newbie with a biography, whom is still trying to found itself, and beyond

    Hi Jessica, and welcome. Vitamins and and food supplements can't hurt (although the ideal is a mixed diet that renders them unnecessary), but homeopathy has no objective science behind it at all, and strikes me as faith-healing and money-draining. But whatever, we all need to make our own way...
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    Welcome thread for Academic Year 2019! 👨‍🎓

    Me too. There is such a danger of anachronism, when ideas build on ideas, and we all tend to think that current ideas were available to our ancestors. Such is, of course, not the case, though I hear this time and time again from those who would criticise the scriptures (of whatever religion)...
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    DD103 TMA01

    Robert Smith (F3101401) DD103 TMA01 So, I thought it might be appropriate to post my first TMA, now the cut off date is past, to maybe initiate some discussion. I ought to state that this TMA did not score highly (55/90) so there is not a lot of point in copying it, in case you were so tempted...
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    How much ...

    I'm not quite sure where you derived that interpretation from. Would you care to expound? I am always a little concerned when people ask me to define a word or phrase in common usage and generally understood. I am not trying to trick anyone! :). Nevertheless, for me, the macro-social twin...
  11. 2ndRateMind

    How much ...

    Uh huh. There is what is good for me, and what is good for you, and what is good for both of us, and what is good for everyone. (The common good). Sometimes these 'goods' conflict. I'm mainly concerned with promoting the common good, and how to argue for it, and outweigh individual vested...
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    How much ...

    Or, for that matter, with the average politician. I need no heroes or zeros, just a way of encouraging people, however ethical or unethical, to commit themselves to generating good in the world. Best wishes, 2RM.
  13. 2ndRateMind

    How much ...

    Yes, that all seems agreeable to me, and truth told. If there was any motivation behind my question, it is how, in a democracy, do we encourage people to put aside their individual self-interests, and vote for 'the common good?' For example, sport teaches us that a team, working with and for...
  14. 2ndRateMind

    What is 'Art'?

    Aesthetics isn't my field. Nevertheless, I take a rather conservative view on this; the purpose of art is about creating beauty where none existed before. That requires, at the very least, two things: 1) a guiding concept and 2) it's skillful implementation. Accordingly, I regard most modern...
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    Philosophy Diaries

    Read the penultimate Chapter 6 (Feminism and Multiculturalism) of Miller, D, (2003) Political Philosophy, A Very Short Introduction, Oxford: Oxford University Press. In which the author investigates whether 'conventional' political philosophy needs to be radically overthrown, to cope with the...
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    How much ...

    How much ... does your own individual self-interest govern your political views? Watching the Conservative party conference this afternoon prompted this question, and it's inevitable corollary, which is the philosophical part of the enquiry: how much do you think they should be governed that...
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    The broad vs the narrow.

    So, I find this conversation interesting because I am so sylf it might be considered a disability, rather than an ability. I have years of reading to do justice to stacked on my shelves! So much so, it would be easy to get lost among it all. Whilst on the one hand, it seems there are no...
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    Philosophy Diaries

    Read Chapter 5 (Justice) of Miller, D, (2003) Political Philosophy, A Very Short Introduction, Oxford: Oxford University Press. In which the author explores conceptions of justice in general and social (distributive) justice in particular. Best wishes, 2RM.
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    Philosophy Diaries

    Not strictly philosophy, but today I set up my OU email address (available on request, if anyone wants to get in touch) and ordered a TOTUM student discount card. Note to the wise: a 36 month card costs around £36.00 and you will need an OU academic email address and a digital passport quality...
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    Hello, Ezor. Hope you enjoy it, here. Your English is very good, by the way. I look forward to discussing with you in due course. Best wishes, 2RM.