Hello :)

Dec 7, 2019
Hi everyone, my name is Heather. I am currently in my final year studying the BsC (Open) (Hons), taking modules in English Law and Psychology. I have a degree in Scots Law, but realised in my final year my interests lay outside the scope of the legal profession. Next year I will be studying a Masters in Psychology with a Business Specialism.

I have always found Philosophy fascinating (particularly ethics, philosophy of law i.e. Jurisprudence). In my current studies I encounter many philosophical thinkers, from Bentham to Wittgenstein, and would like to include a philosophical dimension to my current research proposal (concerning the utility of Therapeutic Jurisprudence in mainstream Law).

I guess I am also joining the Philosophical Society to keep the mind agile, and meet other people I can engage in meaningful discourse. I would identify myself as a Classical Liberal and Absurdist, but am open minded enough to change my opinions.

Best wishes to all with your studies,

Heather Gordon
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