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Nov 25, 2019
This is from a email that I received and it looks like I might gotten this same email earlier. But never paid too much attention.
I for one I totally this. Especially, during this day and age. I have only down/uploaded it to my mobile device/s. In which I still have to take a closer look at it for sure. But anyway, here's what the email said here

This is how we're fighting censorship!

Jessica A,

We can all agree that the state of the culture is in decline. It can feel overwhelming. We can feel alone. The battle for life, family, faith, and culture has never been more intense.

The abortion lobby is pushing for complete decriminalization around the globe.
The LGBT agenda is having more and more influence on the education of our children.
There has never been more confusion and betrayal within the Catholic Church.

LifeSite is on the frontline of the culture wars and we’re meeting each and every one of these battles head on. And we’re doing this with the most powerful weapon of all: The Truth.

Yet, as we make this progress fighting evil, more and more our stories are being censored, as Big Tech companies are making it increasingly harder for us to reach YOU, our supporters, through social media, ads, and even emails. We must be prepared for the day when they remove us from their platforms all together.

This is why we have decided to launch our own social media platform: LifeSite Connect. This is a platform where we get to dictate the rules of the game and terms of the playing field.

On LifeSite Connect, you’ll be able to view our news stories and exclusive posts from our journalists, get instant access to livestreamed events, and build connections with other pro-life and pro-family advocates all around the world – all in one place, where you’re safe, among people just like yourself.

LifeSite Connect is an online community where your views are not squashed but fortified, where you’ll be free to share content in a fearless way, and where Life and Family advocates all around the world can band together.

One of the things Evil does is sow division. But on LifeSite Connect, we will be linking arms to ward off division, to strengthen our views, and to reinforce our beliefs with truth.

We need each other for encouragement and inspiration.

We need each other for the confidence to never abandon this fight.

We need each other if we are to overcome our common enemy and win this culture war.

LifeSite Connect is your latest weapon in the armory of Truth.

Download the app today and join us on the battlefield!



Paul Smeaton and the entire LifeSite team

P.S. This week, exclusively on LifeSite Connect, we will be hosting a live Q&A session with the Catholic hero who threw the idolatrous Pachamama statues into the Tiber!